Extreme Turbo Systems Drag GT-R punches out 1159kW and a tarmac-wrinkling 1602Nm at the back wheels.

Baytown, Texas - This, according to owner/driver Lucas English, is the world's fastest Nissan GT-R. Given that there's an unsubstantiated claim for an even faster quarter-mile from New Zealand, let's just say it's the fastest GT-R in the United States, with a confirmed 7.49 seconds at 304.3km/h.

That's a constant acceleration equivalent to 1.15 times the force of gravity; it's like having somebody a little bigger than you are sitting on your chest for nearly eight seconds - enough to stop most people from breathing until it's over.

On the English Racing dyno in Camas, Washington, the Extreme Turbo Systems Drag GTR punched out 1159kW and a tarmac-wrinkling 1602Nm at the back wheels, running 2.8 bar of boost - compared to the 397kW and 628Nm of the standard 3.8-litre GT-R.


Needless to say, there's not much Nissan in there; the spec sheet reads like a who's who of the top American suppliers of go-fast parts.

It starts with a 4.1-litre stroker kit (custom crank, rods and forged pistons) from Extreme Turbo Systems, and cylinder heads flowed and ported by ETS to take 1mm oversize Ferrea valves with dual valve springs and titanium cotters, orchestrated by four Kelford C camshafts.

Intake is via an ETS PTE-6466 twin-turbo kit and intercooler to a Greddy throttle body with Injector Dynamics ID2000cc injectors on a Boost Logic intake manifold, and the ETS GT-R breathes out through a 102mm free-flow ETS exhaust system. The car runs on E-85, supplied by no less than three Walbro fuel pumps working together.

The standard Nissan drivetrain isn't up to that kind of stress, so ETS rebuilt the transmission with Albins gears, GTC clutches, a PPG output shaft and Driveshaft Shop axles, as well as shimming up the limited-slip differential to help it cope.