Race car-based, but road legal: Opel has released the first official image of its Astra OPC Extreme.

Rüsselsheim, Germany - It's time to start fantasising, Superboss fans. Opel has announced plans to blaze into the Geneva Motor Show this year with an 'Extreme' version of its Astra OPC.

Though the show car will technically be labelled a concept car, Opel has admitted that a “low-volume production run” is on the cards.

As a follow-up to the OPC X-treme concept of 2002, the 2014 OPC Extreme will be the fastest street-legal Astra ever made.

Opel says it's a direct derivative of the Astra OPC Cup race car from the Nürburgring Endurance Championship, which uses numerous carbon-fibre components to make it lighter than the regular road-going OPC.

Opel has yet to announce any performance figures or output numbers as yet. The standard OPC hatch thumps out 206kW and 400Nm, and how much further they'll tune that engine remains a point of speculation.

Despite its road-legal status, the OPC Extreme will be fully equipped for the track, with an integrated safety structure and racing seats with six-point belts.

Watch this space for more info and pictures as they become available.