Bumblebee Bugatti - yellow not mellow

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Jan 25, 2012

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Given an options list as long as your arm, together with the fact that only 300 Bugatti Veyron coupés were built (including the 430km/h Super Sport) and that production of the Grand Sport convertible has been set at just 150 examples, there is no reason for any two Veyrons to be identical.

Even so, this one stands out.

This hyper-powered bumble bee, finished throughout in black and yellow, is the factory show car for the Qatar motor show, now on in Doha.

Although he was constrained by the racing conventions of the time to paint most of his cars pale blue, Ettore Bugatti - who was an artist at heart - experimented with different colour schemes all his life, and he was on record as saying that black and yellow was his favourite combination.

So, as a tribute to the Molsheim genius, the Qatar car smites the eye with mid-chrome yellow over a clear-lacquered carbon fibre underbody and gloss black alloy rims.

The bumblebee motif continues inside; the seats are upholstered in yellow leather with black stitching, while the dashboard, steering wheel and gearshift are trimmed in black leather with yellow stitching, and the centre console is clear-lacquered carbon fibre.

The show car is for sale at €1.5 million (R15.5 million).

The maker trumpets the Grand Sport as “the fastest, most powerful and most luxurious open top car in the world”, quoting a top speed of 350km/h with the roof off and 407km/h with it on.

The Grand Sport 16.4 convertible will be hand-built at Molsheim, each one tailored to the customer's preference from a bewildering array of colours and options. So far 45 of the 150 cars have been sold; prices for the remaining 105 start at €1.4 million (R14.5 million) each ex factory.

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