As C-segment softroaders like the Kia Sportage and Toyota RAV4 take a gradual stroll onto the pavements of more upmarket neighbourhoods, the new boom appears to be happening in the B-segment where new entrants like the Ford EcoSport and Opel Mokka have joined the segment pioneers, Kia's Soul and Nissan's outlandish Juke.

Which brings us to the newest tiny-tot pavement hopper, hailing from the land of croissants, frog's leg snacks and alluring accents.

But it's not quite as French as you'd expect. Peugeot says the new 2008 is the brand's first vehicle to have been designed and developed simultaneously by numerous international divisions, and it will be built in France, Brazil and China.

The crossover vehicle's design emulates the 208 hatch that it's based on, except it has a more boxy profile, raised ride height and protection mouldings on all sides.

No pictures of the interior have been released as yet, but it should have an airy feel in the case of flagship models that are fitted with a panoramic roof.

Peugeot hasn't divulged any specific details about the engines, but says they will come from the 208 family and include new 3-cylinder petrol engines as well as an e-HDi diesel with emissions starting from as low as 99g/km.

Currently the most powerful 208 3-cylinder petrol model is a 60kW normally aspirated 1.2-litre, but we suspect there is a turbocharged version in the works; failing which, Peugeot's current 88kW 1.6 will likely fill the gap for those seeking more oomph.

Peugeot SA says the 2008 will reach local showrooms during the first half of 2014.