Beneath that white cover is a tease of future Peugeot design.

Peugeot has parted with a teaser image of its new concept car that will be revealed to the world at the Beijing International Motor Show in late April.

Peugeot says that beneath that white cover is a car that shares its lineage with the Onyx Concept and from what we can see of the silhouette, we have no doubt it's going to be a fine piece of automotive art.

Yet what also becomes apparent is that it has a more practical cabin than the supercar-like Onyx. Measuring 4.73 metres in length and 1.31m in height, the new concept is said to offer space for four passengers and their luggage.

There's also a sense of glamour, as Peugeot puts it: "Special craftsmanship with original materials forms part of the Peugeot Style approach, first used on the Onyx Concept."

So does this design study mean that Peugeot is working on a flagship sedan?

Time will tell. Yet for now Peugeot promises that it is a "tease of the brand's future design."