The new Stepway is 40mm taller than the Sandero...
The new Stepway is 40mm taller than the Sandero...
And styled for the (urban) jungle.
And styled for the (urban) jungle.

Paris Motor Show - As if to illustrate the world's hunger for small but affordable crossover models, the Dacia/Renault Stepway accounted for half of total Sandero sales in its previous generation.

Now, following hot on the heels of the recently unveiled Logan sedan and Sandero hatch, there's a brand new Stepway.

As before, it's basically a Sandero hatch with some SUV styling touches and raised suspension - 40mm in the case of the new model.

To that end, the pavement hopper has wheel arch extensions, bespoke 16-inch wheels, two-tone bumpers with black plastic, front and rear skid plates and roof bars.

Inside, you get specially-embroided upholstery and the European model also receives a high-spec option that has features like cruise control, parking sensors and a multimedia system with navigation.


In stark contrast to its back-to-basics predecessor, the new Stepway will be offered with a sophisticated new petrol engine - at least in Europe.

It has three cylinders and displaces just 898cc, but uses turbocharging to punch well above its perceived weight with outputs of 66kW and 135Nm. Driven with care, it should be extremely economical.

Also on offer is a Euro 5 compatible 1.5-litre dCi turbodiesel engine with 66kW and 220Nm on hand.

Renault South Africa has yet to confirm if or when the new Stepway, Sandero and Logan are coming to South Africa.

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