The BRZ has earned big-in-Japan status, which means South Africans have to wait.
The BRZ has earned big-in-Japan status, which means South Africans have to wait.

Subaru South Africa's latest press release almost joined all the spam, UK lottery winning notifications and phishing scumbags in our Deleted Items folder this morning.

But what simply looked like a boring brag about how demand for its new BRZ coupé is far outstripping supply - by four to one - was actually a clever spin on some pretty bad news.

You see, due to this nice little problem that Subaru has, the company is battling to supply stock to its international markets, which means that the South African introduction has been delayed.

While the local distributor can't give a concrete date for local release, it says its doing everything in its power to get some units here as soon as possible and expects the first stock to reach our showrooms in the final quarter of this year. SSA's marketing team leader Ashley Lazarus assures us that the car will be well worth waiting for.

Like the Toyota GT 86 that it shares almost everything with, the BRZ is a compact, low-slung, rear wheel drive two-door that's powered by a direct-injection 2-litre boxer engine good for 147kW and 205Nm. It'll be offered with either a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox.


According to Subaru, the BRZ also has a stiffer suspension set-up than its Toyota cousin because "handling integrity is critical" although this will naturally result in a firmer ride quality too.

"It'll be perfectly at home in the track day environment, yet still feel brilliant on roads that keen drivers dream about," Lazarus added.

He also assures us that it's being thoroughly tested for local conditions, with SSA currently running local validation testing, assessing things like performance at altitude and fuel stability. This could affect the final specification of the car so we'd better cross fingers that they don't see fit to detune it.

This info and the pricing will be divulged later this year.