Suzuki delivers quirky Regina concept

By Jason Woosey Time of article published Nov 9, 2011

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It sounds like a pizza and looks like a snail, but this is actually an extremely economical concept car that Suzuki describes as being its vision of a next-generation global compact car.

Could there be some ingredients and garnishes from the next Alto in the Regina concept then? Too early to tell really, but Suzuki's next city car will certainly stand apart from its boxy rivals if it inherits the concept's ‘beady-eye’ headlights, sloping window line and shapely wheel arches that partially conceal the rear wheels.

Cleverly engineered too, the Regina weighs just 730kg and boasts a drag coefficient that's at least 10 percent lower than that of current models.

While Suzuki has made no mention of the engine that powers it, besides the fact that it's fuelled by petrol, the company is gloating about some impressive fuel consumption figures. On the JC08 test cycle, the Regina is said to sip just 3.1 litres per 100km and it emits a mere 70g/km of CO2 on the New European Driving Cycle.

The Regina concept will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan early next month, alongside an even stranger little creature called the Q-concept.

Look past the designer's fetish for round shapes and you'll see a handy little city commuter that's positioned somewhere between a car and a bike.

Measuring just 2.5-metres in length, the Q-concept seats two people in tandem and was designed primarily for journeys within a 10km radius.

Suzuki also describes it as being more comfortable than a motorcycle - which clearly takes some doing when you have an actual cabin with a roof and proper seats to work with.

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