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Scorpio sports exec features, a hard-to-ignore pricetag

The Mahindra Scorpio would probably elicit the same reaction from the average school-taxi mom as the pincered arachnid it's named after. So cross larney mommies off the buyer's list. But that still leaves us with a large potential customer base...

13 July 2006 | Road tests

Mahindra Scorpios go 35000km back down history

Kitting up three vehicles for a 35 000km overland drive from the Himalayan foothills to Cape Town via a good chunk of western Asia would, you'd think, mean quite a list. Unless, that is, you're driving a Mahindra Scorpio SUV - in which case you bolt on a roof-rack, fit some heavy-duty tyres and head out…

27 June 2006 | Daily News

Mahindra launches attack on SA leisure market

EXCLUSIVE: Indian automaker Mahindra has celebrated its 60th year of vehicle production with the world launch in South Africa of its latest Scorpio range of leisure bakkies and an SUV on the same platform - LES STEPHENSON was there for the arrival of the high-tech but astoundingly low-priced trucks.

19 April 2006 | Latest launches