This Lexus has wheels made from ice!

By Dave Abrahams Time of article published Dec 22, 2015

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London, England - Lexus has lent entirely new meaning to the term 'cool running' as it celebrates the winter holidays with the coolest wheels ever.

That's because they're made out of ice. No, really; this Lexus NX was fitted with wheels carved from frozen water by specialists Hamilton Ice Sculptors.


A real Lexus – made from cardboard!

Lexus Hoverboard hits the ramps

But it really wasn't that simple: It took Hamiltons three months of research and testing to make it work. In the end the team had to use ice made from specially softened water to achieve the necessary strength and the fine crystalline structure needed for the accurate-to-the-millimetre details of rims and tyres.

It took 36 hours to carve each wheel from a single block, using Japanese steel chisels and shaping tools. Then, to keep the wheels from melting for long enough to film the video the NX, with the ice wheels already fitted, was deep-frozen for five days at -30 degrees Celsius.

And after all that the Lexus started without problems!


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