New strategy could see the next Corolla finally shake off its humdrum image.

Toyota has announced a new strategy that will reportedly lead to it churning out more desirable cars.

Key to this is a new 'global architecture' strategy that will see it developing three new front-wheel drive platforms. The greater co-operation, planning and part sharing between its divisions around the world is ultimately aimed at creating products that are far more appealing to the customer.

To that end, the new platforms will feature a lower centre of gravity and bolder styling, which will help realise the development of cars with “never-before-seen emotional designs and superb handling.”

The logic here is that the cost-savings borne from the increase in parts and components sharing between vehicles will allow more money to go the research and development process.

Strengthening the R&D structure also means placing chief engineers directly under the authority of product planning general managers to focus them on the task of identifying customer needs and pursuing product improvements on an ongoing basis to address those needs.

Does that mean that the next Corolla will be nicer to look at and good to drive? We can only hope.