Kikai means weird in Japanese and Toyota's concept car certainly is.

Tokyo - ‘Naked’ motorcycles have been around for a long time, but now Toyota’s experimenting with a car that also has its internal workings on display instead of being clothed by body panels.

The Kikai concept car, to be introduced at the Tokyo motor show later this month, was developed to demonstrate the fine engineering craftsmanship that’s usually tucked out of sight in cars.

The vehicle’s mechanical workings – including the engine and suspension – are on display to make it look like a steampunk beach buggy.

There’s also a small window at the driver’s feet through which more of the car’s internals can be seen, and accentuates the sense of speed as the driver sees the road surface rush by.

Like the McLaren F1 of the nineties, the Kikai (which is the Japanese word for weird or outrageous) has a central driver seat flanked by a passenger seat on either side.

Perhaps this fun concept could usher in a new trend, now that the SUV crossover segment is completely saturated.

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