Rob Green Motors claims more power and torque for its conversion on the VW Polo GTI.

Johannesburg - Rob Green Motorsport’s latest vehicular enhancement involves VW’s Polo GTI – the sixth generation version with a 1.4-litre super- and turbocharged engine.

The well-known Randburg-based tuning company is offering a Stage 1 (or simply S1 in RGM-speak) package which includes a Plug and Play tuneable chip, a 76mm stainless steel RGM-Techniflow exhaust downpipe (which starts just after the turbocharger and ends midway under the car) and a K&N or BMC serviceable performance air filter.

The conversion is rounded out with a full set-up on RGM’s dynamometer to fine-tune the engine’s electronics, and is done in under eight hours.

RGM quotes power at 150kW and 300Nm (versus 130/250 stock), and says in-house testing reflected 0-100km/h times dropping from 7.7 to 6.8 seconds at reef altitude. At sea level RGM estimates an even quicker 6.5 second sprint.

The upgrade costs R11 500 and includes a six month/20 000km warranty on all work done.

RGM can be contacted on 011-792-8352.