There is one thing different about this one-off Santa Sleigh from VW. It actually exists.

Almost every automaker has their version of the perfect car to replace Santa Claus’ outdated, eight-reindeerpower sleigh, from AMG’s SLS cookie machine to a very special Lamborghini Aventador.

There is, however, one thing different about this one, the VW Snowareg – it actually exists! It was originally made for VW Sweden, using a rubber track conversion system provided by Minnesota company Mattracks on modified VW suspension.


It's powered by a standard 4.2-litre V8 TDI, rated at 254kW and 800 Nm and, according to Santa's local elf representative, who you can see testing it in the photo, it works on any surface, including snow-covered roofs.

The Snowareg is, as far as we can tell, in all other respects a standard VW Touareg, complete with premium Dynaudio sound system.

Its only downside is that it is limited to a top speed of 64km/h on tracks, which might be a problem for a delivery service which has to cover the whole world in one night.