VW shows sporty-looking Scirocco GTS

Published May 31, 2012


While most South Africans will only be familiar with the Golf GTS nameplate, Europe had a GTS version of the second generation Scirocco, which saw light of day exactly 30 years ago.

That's worth commemorating in VW's book so enter the all-new Scirocco GTS.

Unfortunately for the power hungry that celebration doesn't include fireworks under the bonnet, the GTS making do with VW's familiar 155kW/280Nm 2-litre TSI petrol motor, which hauls it from zero to 100km/h in 6.9 seconds and to a top speed of 240km/h.

Setting the GTS apart is what you see rather than feel and to that end it's been treated to a new set of bumpers and plastered with black racing stripes that run all the way from the bonnet to tailgate.

The visual pimping continues with 18-inch 'Thunder' alloys, red mirrors, roof spoiler, rear diffuser, bolder side skirts and other small details including the obligatory GTS badges.

Inside it harks back to the original GTS with its golf ball gear lever but the rest is from the modern era with red-stitched black leather seats making an appearance.

We can't tell you if this one's coming to South Africa as at this stage there's no word on whether right-hand drive versions will be built.

But wouldn't a Golf GTS be a better bet for our market?

If so, how would you spec it?

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