The Range Rover Evoque is World Car of the Year, for women.
The Range Rover Evoque is World Car of the Year, for women.

Women's World Car of the Year is…

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Apr 26, 2012

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Let's face it - the world of cars is a mostly male dominated one and while female enthusiasts might be in the minority, women still play a major part when it comes to car buying.

Despite this, virtually all car of the year competitions the world over are judged by a predominantly male jury but there is one exception and it's called the Women's World Car of the Year.

It's judged exclusively by female motoring writers from 12 countries, with South Africa's flag flown by Charleen Clarke and Helene Griffiths.

When 2012's points were tallied up, the Range Rover Evoque emerged as overall winner, having received the most points and won its category.

There were four categories, each with its own winner:

Best family car:

1 - BMW 3-series

2 - Audi Q3

3 - Ford Focus

Best luxury car:

1 - Range Rover Evoque

2 - Jaguar XJ

3 - Audi A6

Best sports car:

1 - Porsche 911

2 - Jaguar XKR

3 - Mercedes Benz SLK

Best economy car:

1 - Honda Civic

2 - VW Up!

3 - Ford Fiesta


The international accounting firm that audited the results said that this year's race was a close-run one, with the results for second (BMW 3 Series) and third (Audi Q3) having changed back and forth with each addition of votes.

More than 300 cars were suggested as finalists at the beginning of the competition, with that list having been whittled down to 32 finalists.

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