Coach builder reveals striking Lamborghini Aventador custom build

Published Jul 27, 2021


UNITED KINGDOM - Huber, the custom coach builder that earlier this year announced an Aventador facelift has delivered its first vehicle to a United Kingdom-based customer during a spectacular launch. The membership Secretary of the Lamborghini Club UK, Ciro Ciampi, also founder of the car community Petrolheadonism received his latest toy on the lawn of the former residence of David and Victoria Beckham, Rowneybury House, in England’s prestigious Hertfordshire region.

The Estate is currently home to one of Britain’s most exclusive private car collections, creating a spectacular setting for the launch. The scene was not only complimented by the astonishing car collection, but by the attendance of Italian Supercar patron Fabio Lamborghini who was impressed by the Era and was happy to give his seal of approval by being the first to unveil the car to the world.

Spearheaded by Sean-Peter Huber the brand is on a mission to build a new community of collectors and car enthusiasts who value going back to the drawing board. He says his passion for car design has put them in uncharted territory in the aftermarket, but these first steps with the Aventador Era are already telling of what an exciting future the brand holds.

Entitled ‘Era’ to mark ten years of the Aventador and to pay respect to the end of its production, Huber’s Era has created a new take on one of the worlds most revered supercars. The team have focused on creating new body panels that respect the familiar DNA, exchanging the front and rear bumpers with an entirely new design in carbon fibre and an optional carbon fibre trunk. Huber said “the Era should remind us of how much we all admired the Aventador when it was launched in 2011”.

The fully-funded project is independent of Lamborghini with its first units already scooped up by selected collectors around the world who have been supporting Huber’s vision from the start, they say.

More positive messages came from Huber’s UK Distributor Supercar Service Ltd, who’s founder Raj Singh stated that in their eleven year history they have not found an aftermarket design that integrates so well with the LP-700-4 chassis. As a result Supercar Service Ltd were only too happy to be considered a part of the Huber infrastructure. As an option to customers around the world and to assure quality control, Huber is announced them as “flying service partner”, travelling to customers’ vehicle collection sites and workshops to assemble the Era on location.