German tuner Wheelsandmore unleashes Audi RS Q8 with 743kW

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Jun 5, 2020

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Baesweiler, Germany - With 441kW on tap, the RS Q8 is already Audi’s fastest SUV ever, and a very serious contender in the hyper-high-rider category too, and now the German tuner Wheelsandmore has done what it does best by taking things to the extreme.

Following up on the RS6 C8 ‘@TENTENSION that was announced last month, the performance specialist is now giving a similar heart transplant to the RS Q8 and this one’s dubbed „Goliath“ by Wheelsandmore.

There’s five stages of tuning on offer here and the hottest version cranks things up to 1010 horsepower, or 743kW in metric speak.

Stage 1: The cheapest conversion uses modified software to increase the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine’s outputs to a not inconsiderable 522kW and 920Nm, and buyers can also opt for a top speed remover. That and the two-year warranty will cost a little extra, with the base price of the package in Europe coming in at 2100 euro (R40 000).

Stage 2: Here the software upgrade is joined by a flap-controlled Capristo exhaust system and the resulting outputs are 533kW and 930Nm, but the price of this package jumps to 7688 euro (R147 000).

Stage 3: Things get a little more serious with the middle-of-the-road package bringing modified intake manifolds, air ducts and filter housings to bring the tally to 578kW and 1060Nm. This one’s priced at 15 521 euro (R296 000).

Stage 4: Here we’re talking larger turbochargers as well as a modified compressor unit and reinforced axial bearings. It’s a big jump in price to 33 529 euros (R640 000), but the power hike is significant, with Wheelsandmore claiming 710kW and 1250rpm.

Stage 5: But if you’re spending big money then surely you want the best and that comes in the form of a Stage 5 conversion, which sees items like the particulate filter and silencers being removed, among other mods. The final tally here is 743kW and 1250Nm, at a price of 41 933 euro (R801 000).

Fancy a set of 24” rims?

As the company’s name might have let on, Wheelsandmore also offers custom rims and in this case the RS Q8’s wheel arches are filled to the brim with 24-inch rims, available in a variety of colours and with the option of a high-gloss bi-colour front.

On the suspension front, the Wheelsandmore LowMaXX system allows customers to lower the car’s air suspension system via a smartphone app.

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