Daniel Ricciardo waves his boot filled with a celebratory drink on the podium after winning the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Picture: Efrem Lukatsky / AP

Silverstone, Northamptonshire - Daniel Ricciardo fears that the "shoey", a podium ritual dreaded by rival drivers and loved by Formula One fans as well as anyone else not in drinking distance, may be getting out of control.

The smiling Australian's signature celebration involves the pouring of podium champagne into a sweaty racing boot, which an unlucky victim is then urged to share in front of a global audience.

With the Red Bull driver having notched up five podiums in a row, including a surprise victory in Azerbaijan at the end of June, the world has been watching plenty of shoeys this season.

At the previous two races, in Azerbaijan and Austria, they were instigated more by podium interviewers - former racers David Coulthard and Martin Brundle - than the happy driver.

File photo: Ryan Remiorz / The Canadian Press via AP)

When asked on Thursday about his plans for Sunday's British Grand Prix, Ricciardo said: "I honestly didn’t plan on doing it. Even in Baku I was, like, 'Ah, I won't do it'.

"DC (Coulthard) took my shoes off and then in Austria Martin was frothing for it. I feel like there's some real sick bastards around here. I never thought it would continue like this."

Ricciardo said fans were even shouting "shoey" during an "F1 Live" promotional event in central London on Wednesday.

"I'm just walking along, minding my business and they're like 'do a shoey'...I don't actually just take my shoe off while I’m walking in the street and drink out of it. I feel like I dug a hole for myself with this one," he grinned.

"On that note, I feel like it's been fun. I want to say it's run its course; we'll see what happens."

Hamilton stands firm

In Austria, while television commentator Brundle drank deeply from the shoe, Mercedes' race winner Valtteri Bottas made himself scarce.

Ricciardo was unimpressed, even if he conceded that the shoey could be risky when races were back-to-back because the top three could all pick up something that put them in hospital for a week.

"I heard the Finns drink. I really heard that. But Valtteri did not carry his flag well last Sunday," he said. "Shame on him. Wow. Valtteri Bottas. Disappointed. That's it. No more shoeys."

Triple world champion Lewis Hamilton, Bottas's team-mate and Sunday's race favourite, was with the Finn.

"I still stand firm on the toe jam stuff," he said. "The juice from the foot is not something I wish to drink. Especially someone else's."

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