A quarter of drivers shout at their satnav system

Time of article published Aug 13, 2018

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London - Getting lost while driving is a common spark for rows – but the target of our anger is now just as likely to be technology as a passenger.

Almost a quarter of motorists surveyed in the UK admit to having blazing ‘rows’ with their satnavs.

In a poll of 1000 drivers, 23 percent confessed to regularly shouting at their mapping device after it has taken them in the wrong direction.

Their main complaints were being directed into a traffic jam, sent down a dead end or routed farther than expected. However 28 percent said they would be "completely lost" without their satnav - even as little as a mile from home.

The poll by Europcar UK found that 40 percent of those quizzed said they preferred using old-fashioned maps instead of a satnav and 36 percent said that if they got lost they would wind down their car window and ask a local. Gary Smith, of the hire car firm, said: "There’s no doubt that the reliance on satnav is increasing.

"And perhaps arguing with an inanimate device - rather than the passengers - is preferred."

Richard Grant, of Hastings in East Sussex, said he had broken two sat navs and now relied on a map to find his way around.

"I’m not the calmest driver at the best of times and I always used to shout at my sat nav," said the 35-year-old. "I don’t have one any more as I’ve broken the last two.

"One of them was so rubbish it always seemed to take me on the longest route and the other one kept shutting down.

"Both of them ended up in the bin after I threw them about in the car in frustration and now I just use a normal road map to find my way around."

According to the AA Driving School, young drivers play dangerous games of ‘beat the sat nav’ to get to destinations quicker.

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