Munich - Remember that guy who bashed his BMW M6 with a sledgehammer outside the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2013, only to repair it and beat it up again outside the Geneva show the following year?

Well, clearly not convinced that BMW has learned any lessons in the interim, the car basher is back, this time setting fire to a newly acquired E65 7 Series right in front of BMW’s headquarters in Munich.

The latest protest has nothing to do with the 7 Series however, as according to the YouTube description the owner, Dr Pourmohseni Hadi, is still harping on about the M6 that he acquired in Italy back in 2008.

Dr Hadi said that his M6 had transmission problems, as well as a range of annoying vibrations and rattles.

After a string of allegedly unsuccessful repairs at dealer level, after which BMW insisted the car was in fact repaired, Hadi halted the lease payments, after which BMW Leasing Italia had him and his company blacklisted.

In the end BMW offered to buy the car back at a price that reflected five years worth of depreciation, but without any admission of fault, and that simply wasn’t good enough for Hadi and the bad blood continues to flow.

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