Cape Town - It won’t kill you to slow down, says the Western Cape Government which has released a startling video as part of its Safely Home campaign.

Speeding is dangerous, as we all should know by now. But no matter how many times the words “Speed Kills” are flashed before drivers’ eyes, it seems the message just isn’t getting through. 

Speeding ranks as the second highest contributing factor in South African road fatalities (after jaywalking) according to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

So, rather than buying another another billboard or print advertisement, the Western Cape Government has instead taken another approach to penetrating motorists’ thick skulls on the issue of speed, with a graphic Youtube video titled “The Knock On Effect”.

And the production makes a great point, especially towards those who may not be too fussed with their own personal safety. Driving just 5km/h over a 60km/h speed limit may not be too risky from behind the wheel, but it could mean the life of a pedestrian, and in turn the pedestrian’s families. Hence: the knock on effect.

Visit the Western Cape’s Safely Home campaign website at

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