Book by Peter Delmar is full of intriguing stories about the N1 and N4.

Motoring Staff

Johannesburg - Did you know that the N4 Platinum Highway takes you past vast ruined cities that were mysteriously abandoned 200 years ago? Or, that thousands of Giant African Bullfrogs lie hidden underground for years next to the N4, until they go off in search of mates?

These and other intriguing stories sharing more on the rich heritage of the N1 and N4 highways, were captured in a book called The Platinum Road, and now its contents are available for download as a free mobile app.

The book, written by Peter Delmar, was sponsored by the Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire, which is responsible for the design, maintenance and upgrading of the routes featured.


The book and app represent a journey of discovery across various landmarks on the Platinum Highway, stopping at each area to share gems of information that have sculpted a great deal of South African history.

From the section between Tshwane and Brits that has a history filled with conflict and tales of the Voortrekkers, to the area between Rustenburg and Swartruggens that is home to the Bafokeng – one of the wealthiest tribes in Africa – The Platinum Road is filled with tales told and untold and promises to be the best travelling companion when driving.

The app works using the GPS location of the device that the traveller is using.

The app will automatically start telling the anecdotal stories of certain points along the N1 and N4 as the traveller approaches them.

Narrated by Talk Radio 702’s David O’Sullivan, the app contains more than an hour’s storytelling that shares the amazing true tales taken from the book.

Readers can download the app, which is compatible with the iOS, Android or Windows smartphone/tablet operating systems.

Once installed, the traveller turns on the Wi-Fi and volume on the device, hits the N1 and N4 routes, and is transported into a world of discovery. - Star Motoring

For more details, see the Bakwena website or follow the Platinum Road on Facebook.