Anytown, USA - Ask any dad how he feels about Christmas shopping, and you'll understand the thinking behind this Audi TV advert.

We all know the feeling of tempers slowly fraying as we compete for limited parking space, while the strolling shoppers seem to have all the time in the world and never mind how much they get in our way, knowing all the while that the scrum will be even worse once we get inside…

We all get it - because we’ve been there! - how these two Audi drivers become more and more frustrated, to the point where the idea of jumping from one roof-top to another with open parking bays has a certain desperate logic to it.

We laugh at them because we understand them. That’s the sweetest kind of humour - laughing at the frailties of others because we share them.

With just 32 shopping days to Christmas, we wish you good fortune and open parking bays on your mall mission.

IOL Motoring