File photo: Michael Walker

An elderly driver in Geelong, Australia, has finally found himself in court after slyly dodging his fines since the year 2000.

The modus operandi?

He simply reported his car as stolen every time he received a fine in the post. This amounts to 21 car theft reports, according to the Geelong Advertiser.

The newspaper also reported that the fines, which were for speeding and skipping red lights, amounted to thousands of dollars and numerous demerit points.

The man has pleaded guilty to three counts of "making a false document" and seven counts of "obtaining financial advantage by deception" and the court has slapped him with a mere 2500 AUD (R23 000) fine.

Chances are that he would have gotten away with it had he only pulled the stunt 20 times as Police Prosecutor Siobhan Daly explained: "Police discovered it was the 21st time since 2000 that Hili had reported his car stolen.

"Each time he would find it himself at various locations around Geelong and each report coincided with him having received a traffic infringement notice through the mail."