Australian man cooks pork roast in car during heatwave

By Karishma Singh Time of article published Dec 17, 2019

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PERTH, AUSTRALIA - A man has successfully cooked a pork roast in his car on a scorching hot day in Australia.

Stu Pengelly placed the slab of pork in a baking tin on a seat in his red Datsun Sunny in Perth, Western Australia, for around 10 hours.

"It worked a treat!" he said in a Facebook post with pictures of the cooked meat cut into slices to demonstrate its doneness.

Pengelly also gave the temperature as it increased throughout the day, culminating in a "staggering 81 degrees Celsius inside temperature" at 1 p.m.

"Things to note ..... it has tinted windows, door & window seals are shot & there is a big rust hole in the roof, which stops the car getting as hot as it potentially could," Pengelly said on Facebook. "If this was a later model vehicle & painted black the temperature at a guess could climb significantly higher."

Other social media users responded to the post with humorous comments, asking for an invite to the next roast, and relating their own experiences cooking in a heatwave.

Some serious advice

But Pengelly's post also contained some serious advice, warning people not to leave their children or dogs in a vehicle in the heat.

"Do not leave anyone or anything precious to you in a hot car, not for a minute," he wrote.

Perth has recorded 10 days this month when temperatures soared above 35 degrees Celsius, according to Australia's meteorology bureau.

When reached for comment, Pengelly said he next wants to try cooking roast beef in the Datsun.

"A quiche would cook in 2 hours, I reckon," he said. 


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