A sketch of the BMW X7 iPerformance Concept, which would have inspired the showroom model due to go into production later this year.

Munich - 2018 is BMW’s ‘X’ year, says CEO Harald Krüger.

Speaking at BMW AG’s annual general meeting in Munich on Thursday, Krüger announced that the recent launches of the new X3 and X4, as well as it first-ever X2, would be followed later this year with two bigger X models. 

He revealed that a successor to the X5 would be launched later this year, while production of the first-ever X7 would also commence before the year is out.

It is believed that both will be built on BMW’s CLAR platform that also underpins the latest 5 Series and 7 Series, but there will also be a fair of distinction between the two SUVs in that the X7 won’t just be a longer-wheelbase X5.

Not only will it seat seven, but BMW insiders have already confirmed that the X7 will offer many of the technological and luxury features found in the 7 Series, and it’s likely to be priced in the same ballpark, going head-to-head with the largest Range Rover.


The X5 should offer a similar deal to today’s car, with seating for five and a similar gadget list to the 5 Series.

BMW also used Thursday’s AGM to hint at its next generation of pure-electric ‘i’ cars:


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