Munich - BMW hasn’t even fully revealed the two-door version of its upcoming, reincarnated 8 Series and already the Bavarian brand is hinting at a four-door version - at least that’s what we deduce from this teaser pic posted on BMW’s official Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Stay tuned. More to come in Geneva next week,” is as much as BMW will say for now.

Given that the 8 Series is set to replace the 6 Series, it would only make sense that a four-door version would be in the works to replace the 6 Series Gran Coupe and one can only hope that a less cringeworthy name for the four-door derivative is thought up between now and then.

As was the case with the coupe (pictured thinly disguised below), the 8 Series saloon will first appear in concept form, with a toned-down showroom model appearing at a later stage, likely next year.

There’s no official word on what engines will power the new 8 Series, but we will likely see a 3-litre six-cylinder 840i and 4.4-litre V8 850i as the main pillars of the range, while the M8 is rumoured to be in line for a 450kW+ version of the latest M5’s V8.

As BMW says, stay tuned!

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