File picture: Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters.

Johannesburg - After experiencing some relief at the pumps in July, South African motorists will have to budget for a fuel price increase in August.

Based on unaudited month-end fuel price data, the Automobile Association said that South Africans can expect a petrol price increase of around 20 cents a litre from next Wednesday, while those driving diesel-powered vehicles will need to fork out around 30 cents more.

The AA stated that the increases are mainly due to currency weakness in the month of July, although oil prices also played a part.

"The rand accounted for about two-thirds of the hike, with a slight uptick in international fuel prices contributing the remainder," the association pointed out.

The AA also warned that, should current trends persist, further price hikes could take place in the months ahead:

"While the rand continues its volatile trend, international fuel prices have surged strongly in the past ten days. If this upwards movement continues into August, fuel users can expect further bad news."

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