Johannesburg - A new smartphone app called Cabbi will launch in the city in September as an alternative to the e-hailing service Uber.

Cabbi’s business model is nearly identical to Uber’s, where users register online, call taxis via their cellphone and then leave star ratings of their experience.

The conditions for drivers are also nearly identical, and requirements include a valid driver’s licence together with a public driving permit. Even the rules for cars are the same, with only vehicles newer than 2013 and in good condition eligible.

The main differences are that Cabbi is a South African company (Uber is an international group operating in 633 cities globally) and it seems to allow a broader choice of vehicles (Uber doesn’t allow hatchbacks).

Cabbi drivers will also earn a bigger portion of each fare, with 90 percent of earnings going to the driver/owner and only 10 percent commission going back to the company. Uber currently works on a 75/25 percent split.

The new App will be available to download on Apple IOS and Android devices from September 1, and will be open to rides in Johannesburg only. Cabbi plans to roll the service out to other parts of Gauteng by December 1.

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