File picture: Jennifer Bruce / Independent Media.

Cape Town - Paying a fine that’s already progressed to the warrant of arrest stage can be a time-consuming affair, but now the City of Cape Town is aiming to make this process easier through a new online payment system.

Though motorists have always been able to finalise warrants without appearing in court, settling these fines meant taking time out of your busy schedule, either to visit one of a few selected locations to make the payment in person or by visiting the Post Office to send a cheque through the mail.

However, since mid-April, the provincial traffic department has been testing an online payment system through the existing PayCity platform, which works exactly the way it has in the past for fines not yet at the warrant stage: you register and then click on “view and pay”, which brings up a list of all your outstanding fines.

Motorists will also have to click “accept and agree” on an admission of guilt form, which pops up on the page.

Once the fine has been paid, a receipt and a warrant recall form will be e-mailed to the motorist. This, according to the city, can also be used as proof of payment in roadblocks. 

Motorists are also invited to contact the Cape Town Traffic Service directly on 021 444 3310/11/12 or 13 to ensure that the Admin Mark has been removed from their names on the ENaTIS system.

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