Driver of the car allegedly ignored the Albertyn Road level crossing marshal’s order to stop.
Cape Town - Commuters travelling on the Southern Line experienced a delay of nearly 60 minutes after a car collided with a train at the False Bay crossing on Wednesday morning.

The driver of the car allegedly ignored the Albertyn Road level crossing marshal’s order to stop and collided with the train en route to Cape Town. After the collision, the car driver allegedly took off and abandoned his vehicle, but was caught minutes later.

Fortunately no injuries were reported and damages to the vehicle and the train were not extensive.

The City’s Maxine Bezuidenhout said Albertyn Road on both sides of the railway line was closed to traffic due to the collision.

“At 8am at the Albertyn Road level crossing, a train hit a motor vehicle. No injuries have been reported. Albertyn Road is closed on both sides of the railway line,” Bezuidenhout said.

'Ignored instruction to stop'

Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott said the train line was opened after 8am.

“Metrorail confirms a collision between a Cape Town bound train and a vehicle at the False Bay [Albertyn Road] level crossing on Wednesday morning at 7.20am. According to initial reports, the motorist allegedly ignored the crossing attendant’s instruction to stop and his vehicle crashed into the oncoming train,” she said.

“The driver of the vehicle abandoned his vehicle but was subsequently caught.

“No injuries were reported and damage to both train and vehicle is slight. Trains on the southern line were delayed between the time of the accident and at 8.13am the line was reopened to traffic."

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