Three-legged animals like this one are Wheel Clamp Mans natural prey.

It could only happen in Australia - although drivers everywhere (especially if you've ever been clamped) should be raising their glasses in a toast to this unknown outlaw - and he is an outlaw.

Ananova reports that this lone ranger has been seen all over the city of Perth for a past couple of weeks, cutting through wheel clamps with an angle grinder.


He sees himself as Wheel Clamp Man, protecting the public at large from highway robbery (Australian clampers charge the equivalent of as much as R1200 to release your car and the money goes straight into their pockets) but the cops see him as a vandal, guilty of “criminal damage”, and say they will deal with him.

Nevertheless, he says he's helping people, many of whom are caught unawares (as he was) moments after parking in places with no warning signs.

He's accused the clampers of sitting in their vans and watching people park, then clamping their cars as soon as they walk away.

“It's a con,” he says.

He told Ananova he got the idea from Britain's Angle Grinder Man, who did much the same in London and Kent about 10 years ago, and he doesn't ask for any payment, just a small donation which he says goes to charity.

All we can says is, more power to your grinder, mate!