London - Jeremy Clarkson, and his co-stars Richard Hammond and James May have ruffled their fair share of feathers over the years with their blokey humour that often tests, and sometimes surpasses, the limits of political correctness.

They’ve been accused of making racist jokes on more than one occasion, and the list goes on.

The former Top Gear trio who currently present The Grand Tour have now found themselves facing the wrath of British pop star Will Young for “homophobic” comments made during a recent episode in the recently released third GT season.

While travelling across Columbia in a Jeep Wrangler to “view wildlife” James May comments that the 4x4 is “a very popular car with the gay community”, The Guardian reported.

They then ponder the meaning of the term LGBT, with Clarkson speculating that it might stand for “lesbian, bacon, transgender”, all while It’s Raining Men plays on the radio. Finally, Hammond concludes that the Wrangler is best paired with “some nice chaps, suede, but ventilated at the back”.

After viewing the episode, Will Young gave them a proper lashing on Twitter, accusing the trio of being “f*cking pathetic”, “homophobic”, “uncomfortable with their sexuality” as well as “bigoted immature babies of men”.

Smith even took a swipe at Amazon for airing the show (and for not responding to his initial Tweets), even hinting at legal action and stating “I want Amazonprime and the producers of grand tour to meet young lgbt who want to kill themselves because of shaming and laughter and normalising of shaming homophobic narratives..”.

(Warning: strong language to follow)

When eventually pulled into the argument by another Twitter user, Jeremy Clarkson did not seem fazed, asking “What homophobic jokes?” in reply.

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