Comments fly as Audi trolls Mercedes-Benz online

By Dave Abrahams and Janice Johannes Time of article published May 18, 2018

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Somewhere out there - Audi South Africa has caused a minor flutter in the Twitterverse with this picture of an ad agency crew shooting a new Mercedes-Benz commercial.

Because they were using an Audi Q7 as a camera car.

“Spotted! @MercedesBenz_SA shooting their next TV commercial… using an Audi Q7,” reads the tweet. “Looks like our friends really do believe in the #TheBestOrNothing.”

Not surprisingly, the comments flew thick and fast; here are some of our favourites:

Victor Dlamini: "Audi reminding us that brand social media is best when brands are awake

GeneralJeed: If @MercedesBenz_SA wanted to be clever, they would say something like "actors are better looking than directors" or the pretty ones are in the frame, not behind the scenes. But that's just my advice.

Lerato Vuyo: Honestly!!! As a brand manager I'm not happy. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???

Romeo Mo Blaq: You talking nonsense. Companies are concerned with the final product; no Audi is going to appear in the final advert. In this advert, the media company was just looking for a cheap car to carry the cameras.

DaMistro move: They're practically saying Audis are Mercedes' work horse. Yesses

Cwengile Gagela: That Audi looks like it’s about to sing umtwalo wam uyandisinda...

Dexter de Villiers: I see an Audi playing slave to Mercedes.

Shaun Cadir: Rather damage the Audi with the equipment...

Birdman Version 1.0: Oi!!! @AudiSouthAfrica unfortunately @MercedesBenz_SA's camera car was busy in Spain. where were you?

And finally, @MercedesBenz_SA hit back with:

IOL Motoring

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