This is what was left of the Audi R8 after it hit a tree, a wall and a light pole.

A Johannesburg police officer and the driver of an Audi R8 sports car were killed early on Thursday morning when a routine stop-and-search went horribly wrong.

Police spokseman Lt-Col Lungelo Dlamini said two police officers pulled over the Audi between 4am and 5am and searched it. When they found a small quantity of dagga the driver sped off, with one of the policemen still in the car, while the other gave chase in their police van.

During the high-speed pursuit the driver of the R8 lost control in Oxford Road, Rosebank and hit a tree, a wall and a light pole, completely destroying the luxury sports car. The policeman and the driver were declared dead at the scene.

The driver was later named by Eyewitness News as Areff Haffjee (32); Dlamini said the policeman's name would be released after his family had been informed. - Sapa