Cape Town 120612. An Argus team accompanied Superintendent Niel Alexander of the Tactical Response Team on an operation to monitor and react to reports of stone throwing on the N2 and R300. In this instance a motorist was assissted by the team when his car ran out of petrol on the R300. Reporter: Natasha Prince .Pic : Jason Boud

Cape Town metro police and traffic officers have intensified patrols along the N2 and R300 highways where drivers have reportedly been robbed.

Mayco safety and security member JP Smith will meet police today to discuss the cases.

These developments come after traffic officer Pat Curran was quoted as saying that criminals were targeting motorists on the N2.

Curran said that in some cases criminals obstructed the road to get drivers to stop so they could rob them.

Earlier, it was reported that crash victims on the R300 freeway were targeted by criminals, who deliberately caused some of the accidents.

The reports got the attention of the city’s Tactical Response Team, and on Tuesday night the Cape Argus went along with a unit patrolling the roads.


Although no drivers were robbed, the unit did come across a pedestrian who had been robbed along the N2.

The Cape Argus arrived to find metro police officers searching the bushes with night vision goggles, trying to catch the robber.

Officers also assisted a truck driver who ran out of diesel and a driver who ran out of petrol along the R300.

The motorist, Lerenzo Rhoda, was surprised to have a minibus and two metro police cars pull over while he waited for his father to bring petrol.

“I think it’s really good that they’re doing these patrols,” said Rhoda.

Smith said there would be nightly patrols on the N2 and the R300; while they had received reports of the attacks, officers had not found evidence to corroborate the claims.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer November Filander said police were “aware of sporadic incidents at specific spots”.


On Sunday, Trevor Rees of Somerset West was travelling home on the N2 with his wife when they encountered several rocks and pieces of concrete strewn across the road.

Rees said he had swerved to avoid the largest piece and hit a smaller rock, causing a tyre burst. He stopped after about 100 metres next to the Macassar on-ramp.

He said that while waiting for help, they had been approached by two youths armed with screwdrivers. They had demanded his phone.

He said he had been attacked by one of the youths.

Police confirmed a robbery case was being investigated. - Cape Argus