South Africans march in mass protest at toll roads, Cosatu's march against e-tolling and labour, thousands of protestors took too the streets of Johannesburg. brokers. Picture. Adrian de Kock

Getting around Johannesburg may prove a nightmare today (6 December) as Cosatu and other sympathetic organisations protest against e-tolls on some of the city’s highways.

The protests have been organised on several highways in Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg.

The organisations said on Wednesday traffic would be slow moving between 8am and 3pm on the N3, R24, R21 and the N12 highway routes in Ekurhuleni.

In Johannesburg the demonstration was set to begin at 8am from Braamfontein onto the M1, N1 and M2 and back into the CBD.

Cosatu provincial chairman Phutas Tseki said: “The march is to indicate our dissatisfaction and our objections against the e-tolls… The e-tolls will add more burdens to ourselves because on the highway we will be paying for us to travel on our own assets… another tax on top of the tax we are already paying.”

He said a minimum of 100 cars would be part of the demonstration, and 10 cars would be used to control the protest.

The cars would be adorned with Cosatu flags and car lights, and the vehicles’ hazard lights would be on.

“This is not a strike. The people who will be involved are the leadership of Cosatu and its affiliates, shop stewards, organisers, administrators and yourselves with your own cars,” Tseki said.