Durban - I bought an Audi 2012 A8 3.0 TDI for R553 000 from a dealership in Durban. I took out insurance with King Price telephonically before taking delivery of the vehicle. All the necessary checks were done at the dealership before the car was delivered to my house.

On 6 May the car, which was being driven by my cousin at the time, was involved in an accident. That same day, I took my cousin to Durban Central, where we filled in an accident report and filed a claim with King Price. An investigator was assigned to my case. There were a lot questions to be answered by my cousin and his family, who were in the car with him.

That I could understand, but the investigator also went to my neighbours, asking them questions about me without my permission. Then they needed to confirm who was driving with the ambulance driver, who was on leave, so they had to wait for his return. Upon confirming that, they said they also needed telephone records of the driver and his wife to prove they were at the scene. Then they wanted another document from Vodacom.

And, on 17 August, I got an e-mail rejecting the claim because the vehicle did not have an inspection done. Please help, I’m feeling so disheartened.

Lawrence Nagiah

Georgie: If all the necessary checks were done, I suggest approaching the Short-Term Insurance Ombudsman - Insurers are entitled to seek cellphone records, speak to witnesses and the like, but the inspection seems to be a technicality.

The Star

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