091211: Hosts Richard Hammond, left, Jeremy Clarkson, centre, and James May could be presenting Top Gear live from Durban next year.

Jeremy Clarkson has topped a poll of the celebrities people would least like to share a driving adventure with.

The controversial TV presenter and columnist was rated as the worst person to share a 4x4 drive across the Sahara Desert.

Hot on Clarkson's heels was Katie Price with Prime Minister David Cameron a close third.

Three quarters of drivers would rather ditch a celebrity, with nearly half opting for a family member to join them, whilst the rest put friends in front of the famous.

The poll of 2000 motorists by Continental Tyres identified a good sense of humour as the top trait for a co-driver, ahead of good motoring knowledge and survival skills.

The research was conducted as part of the launch of this year's Conti 4x4 Trophy, where people compete for a place on an epic off-road challenge, driving a Hummer across the Sahara Desert.

Continental Tyres’ Tim Bailey: “Driving thousands of kilometres through the Atlas Mountains and the fiery sands of the Sahara Desert makes your choice of co-driver incredibly important.

“Jeremy Clarkson might have motoring credentials but either his calamitous road trips on Top Gear or his outspoken views mean most people would leave him behind.” - Sunday Life