Authorities say police have arrested a man who rammed his car through two glass doors at Lyon's international airport and sped onto the runway. File picture: Laurent Cipriani / AP Photo.

Paris - A wild police chase in south-east France on Monday ended with the pursued driver ramming his car through an airport terminal and speeding onto a runway before being arrested.

Police began pursuing the man after he drove the wrong way down a freeway. The driver then sped through the security barriers at the Lyon-Bron Airport, used largely for business flights.

He then raced on towards the the larger Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport nearby, crashing through the glass doors of Terminal 1 and driving onto the tarmac.

The dramatic car chase was captured on amateur video. It showed the car hitting a bump, going airborne and landing in a cloud of dust at the Saint-Exupery airport. The driver jumped out while the vehicle was still rolling and sprinted off on foot, pursued by a police van.

Other police vehicles and officers on foot then tried to cut off his escape until one of them managed to catch up with the suspect and wrestle him to the ground, the video showed:

The man's motives were unknown and nothing was being ruled out, regional government press officer Christelle Monteagudo said.

The Lyon prosecutors' office is investigating possible charges of attempted murder against the suspect.

Another official with direct knowledge of the investigation said there was no immediate evidence pointing to a terrorist motive. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorised to publicly discuss the probe.

The man, aged 31 and believed to be French, was previously known to police only for traffic violations, in 2007 and 2009, the official said. The vehicle he used as a battering ram was stolen, the official added.