Flintstone car banned from the road

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jul 12, 2012

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Flintstones fan Sebastian Trager, who works in the car construction industry in Germany, thought he'd put his skills to use by creating his very own Flintstone car for the road.

Only trouble is that German police have now banned his creation from the roads despite the fact that it's a good runner, according to metro.co.uk.

When we say running, we must add that there's no hole in the floor to apply Fred and Barney-style foot power - instead there's a 1.3-litre engine hidden beneath the faux front roller (both rollers have wheels jutting out the bottom).

But the rest of it does seem like an authentic Bedrock creation, all the way from its wooden side and roof frame to its leopard print seat coverings.

However, turning it into a legal and roadworthy autobahn warrior was a bit harder than anticipated as Trager puts it:

“When we got the registration form section about the number of lights, windscreen washers and wipers, well, we don't even have a windscreen so we gave up.”

So it's the end of the road but the start of the show for the Flintstone-mobile, which Trager plans to tow to exhibitions and shows.

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