Ford planning significant electric vehicle push

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Sep 10, 2019

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Frankfurt Motor Show - Ford says that by the year 2022, more than half of the cars it sells in Europe will be electrified in some way.

Ford showed off the Puma Titanium X on Tuesday at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The vehicle is a so-called mild hybrid, meaning it can store energy from braking and coasting in a 48-volt lithium-ion battery and send that power to the wheels to assist the petrol engine when needed.

Ford, which got a late start in developing electric vehicles, last year sold 974 856 passenger vehicles overall in Europe.

It says it will have a battery-powered SUV inspired by the Mustang in 2020. In the meantime it is offering plug-in hybrids that combine battery power with internal combustion engines to lower emissions and improve efficiency. Like all carmakers, Ford is facing stricter European Union limits on average emissions of carbon dioxide starting in 2021 and must find a lower emission vehicle mix to avoid fines.

Furthermore, Ford has announced a new smartphone app that will allow its plug-in hybrid vehicle owners to easily locate, navigate to and pay for charging.

Partnering up with a company called NewMotion, Ford plans to offer access to the largest public charging network with extensive coverage across Europe. The new app will deliver simplified access and payment for Ford customers at more than 118 000 charging points in 30 countries. Customers will be able to seamlessly utilise charging points across many markets, initiating and paying for charging services from a single account for a simplified ownership experience.


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