This orange Wildtrak double cab is the 500 000th current-generation Ranger built in South Africa.

Pretoria - Ford’s Ranger is quickly joining the ranks of South Africa’s most prolifically produced vehicles with the company recently celebrating production of the 500 000th current-generation model at its Silverton plant in Pretoria.

Although the Ranger is a big seller locally - occupying second spot behind the Hilux in most months - this volume is largely due to it being among the country’s top exports, with a record 8062 units shipped abroad in April this year.

The Ranger still has some way to go before it can claim to be SA’s most produced vehicle - the Polo reached the 1 250 000 milestone last year, while BMW’s 3-Series came a shade under 1.2 million before it was discontinued and Toyota’s Corolla celebrated its millionth local build way back in 2013 - but these were all across multiple generations.

Should the lucrative export contracts continue, the Ranger will theoretically hit the million mark in about five years from now.


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