File photo: HPI

London - For the superstitious among us, Friday the 13th is a day notorious for bad luck.

But motorists taking to the road today could be particularly cursed as collision claims increase by 13 percent on this ‘unluckiest’ of days, according to a UK insurance company.

Aviva said Friday the 13th sees more bumps and shunts than other days - no matter what time of year it falls. It notes in a report: “The age-old superstition about falling prey to bad luck on Friday the 13th does in fact ring true for some motorists. Analysis of ten years of our claims data reveals that motor collision claims increase by an average of 13 percent on Friday the 13th, compared to other days in the same month.”

Heather Smith, director of general insurance at Aviva, said: “Friday the 13th is traditionally a superstitious day for many but it’s spooky to see motor claims rise by an ‘unlucky’ 13 percent.

“While we don’t wish to cause a bout of friggatriskaidekaphobia - fear of Friday the 13th - among the population, we hope these figures will help encourage people to take extra care today.”