Future Jaguars could detect your mood and respond accordingly

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Jul 9, 2019

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Solihull, England - Using various systems in a car, such as lighting, music and temperature control, to enhance a motorist’s sense of well-being is something that many premium carmakers already offer in their high-end cars.

Only thing is you, as a driver or occupant, actually need to choose what theme or mode you want.

But what if there was a car that could actually predict what kind of mood you’re in and respond accordingly?

That is exactly the kind of technology that Jaguar Land Rover is working on at present.

The new artificial intelligence (AI) technology uses a camera that faces the driver, as well as biometric sensing, to monitor and evaluate the driver’s mood.

Once that has been established, the car’s systems adapt a number of the car’s features, including ambient lighting, media, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, in order to combat stress. 

“The mood-detection system will use the latest AI techniques to continually adapt to nuances in the driver’s facial expressions and implement appropriate settings automatically,” Jaguar says.

“In time the system will learn a driver’s preference and make increasingly tailored adjustments.”

If, for instance, the system detected that a driver was stressed, it could change the ambient lighting to calming colours, while feelings of weariness could be counteracted by playing the driver’s favourite playlist. 

We’re not sure how it will respond to road rage.

The system will even lower the temperature if it thinks you’re falling asleep, while a different version of the AI system for passengers could help them fall asleep, by dimming the lights and raising the temperature, for instance.

And perhaps there really is a need for technology like this. Reports that Jaguar quotes state that 74 percent of people admit to feeling stressed or overwhelmed every day.

There is no word on when this technology will be available in Jaguar and Land Rover products, but it is clearly on the drawing board.

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