File photo: The suspect was driving a Jaguar XF.

Police are searching for the driver of a a dark blue Jaguar XF who crashed through the gates of a Centurion home and caused large-scale damage before running away, Beeld reported on Monday.

After crashing through the sliding metal gates in the early hours of Sunday morning, the driver drove for at least another ten metres, crashed into the garage and damaged a parked car.

Police found an empty bottle of whisky and a case of beer in the Jaguar, which had been driven for kilometres without a left front tyre.

“We were woken at about 3am by an almighty crash, and managed to get outside a few minutes later, by which time the driver had gone,” home owner Zee Pieterse told Beeld.

Police spokeswoman Lt Linda Jerling said the driver was still at large.

“A charge of malicious damage to property is being investigated,” she said.

Police followed scrape marks left on the tar for 5km before they found the Jaguar's missing tyre.

Jerling also said that the driver had left an ID card with an employee number in the car. -Sapa