A German mayor thinks there are certain parkings she will not be able to handle.

The mayor of a small German town has risked accusations of sexism after implementing a barmy new parking policy. Mayor Gallus Strobel of the southern town of Triberg has taken the controversial step of designating the trickiest parking slots in his town as ‘men only’.

On the mayor’s order, each parking space has been painted with a male or female symbol depending on its perceived difficulty. Women have been allocated wide, well-lit spaces located close to the exits of car parks, while men are expected to pull in at more difficult angles while avoiding cement pillars.

Mayor Strobel defended the policy saying: ‘Men are, as a rule, a little better at such challenges.’ Sensing that his comments might ignite the fury of the female half of the electorate, he swiftly added, ‘there are also great women drivers who are, of course, most welcome!’

So far the move has been greeted enthusiastically. Tourists have flocked to the town to take on the Mayor’s parking challenge.

If you feel like demonstrating your own parking skills, Triberg is about 100km from Stuttgart airport. Women drivers should perhaps resist the urge to miss their parking spot and crash their hire car into the mayor’s own vehicle.

But women may feel that the males have backed themselves into a corner here. After all, chaps will have all the hardest parking spots in town to negotiate — while woman just breeze in. -Daily Mail