London - The tomfoolery continues as The Grand Tour puts the finishing touches on its second season, and in this latest preview video we see Clarkson chopping a poor old Alfa Romeo 156 in half, apparently for celebrity guests to drive around in.

The video starts with Jeremy Clarkson getting a phone call from senior management telling him that the ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ segment needs to go. This makes sense as many felt it got a little too tired after the first few shows.

Luckily Clarkson knows just what to replace it with, and before you know it there’s a chopped-in-half Alfa Romeo sliding all over the track, ready for a new celebrity challenge.

Whether this really the car that celebrity guests will be racing around in every episode, or just an attention-grabbing joke, remains to be seen. 

Having a celebrity challenge on a track is certainly a possibility now, given that the crew will have a permanent studio in the UK rather than a travelling tent.

You’ll just have to wait for the new season to start streaming on Amazon, from December 8.

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