File photo: Mxolisi Madela

Johannnesburg - The weird excuses never end. Just when the men and women enforcing the rules of the road think they’ve heard it all, they have to think again.

On Sunday morning a 21-year-old BMW M3 driver who clocked 202km/h on the R59 freeway in Alberton tried to tell officers he needed the toilet.

Ekurhuleni metro police department spokesman Wilfred Kgasago said: “For travelling at that breakneck speed, the M3 driver advanced the reason that he was rushing to attend to the call of nature,”

Officers had set up on the freeway just after 6am when the red machine went zooming past, failing to stop when they flagged it down.

“The driver’s powerful machine could only be matched by the EMPD mounted unit.”

Kgasago said: “The Ekurhuleni bike squad had to hit speeds of between 280 and 290km/h to apprehend the speedster. The squad managed to corner the driver well into Midvaal’s jurisdiction. He was caught at 6.38am.”

The “young lad” was then taken to the Brackendowns police station, where he “was gladly afforded the opportunity to relieve himself”.

Speedsters used a host of questionable excuses at the weekend. The craziest of them all was a man who said “his 10-year-old daughter’s crying prompted him to press hard on the pedal in order to get home quicker”.

The VW Polo driver was caught doing 175km/h.

Another person arrested was a 31-year-old man whose Honda superbike registered 198km/h. He claimed that he was dashing to a family meeting.

The fourth driver nabbed claimed the reason he clocked 182km/h in his BMW sedan was because he was late for an appointment – on a Sunday morning?

Everybody but the man desperate to spend a penny was released on bail ranging between R500 and R1000. They are expected to appear in court soon.

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